Visiting a shopping mall can be quite overwhelming with so many stores to choose from. There are some many options to spend a full day wondering around. Try visualizing opening a new point of sale in a high traffic hall at one of these shopping centers. Lots of questions and ideas come to mind, but where to start can be as challenging as writing your first words on a blank piece of paper.

Miami Flowers & Gifts had this conundrum. How a local flower and gift shop can open a point-of-sale kiosk at Dadeland Mall in South-Miami. Our company d-Reaction was contacted to help create a concept where design meets functionality. All endeavors need to start with the basics, and for us that was understanding the company’s mission and how to convey this to customers.

Miami Flowers & Gifts mission is to create unforgettable moments through unique designs. They offer a completely personalized attention. MF&G also makes sure that there is a surprise factor in each of their deliveries and are committed to delivering the freshest and most modern flowers and products on the market.

Our design team created a multifunctional wall made from wood with lots of shelf’s space, hooks for paper bags and a dispenser section for the gifts wrapping paper. The catalog of products is quite extensive and impossible to have all of them. We placed a TV were other products and promotions could be displayed. The acrylic logo was retro-illuminated to attract customers. The TV & logo were placed on a greenery textured panel to keep the flower, nature theme.

Shelves, Hooks & Roll Dispensers

TV and Logo


The counter was conceptualized as a working and payment station, so customers can see the gifts been prepared by the hands of an expert. The art of gift-wrapping requires lots of tools and extra ornaments, so we designed a counter with lots of shelves to safely storage all items and keep the top as clean as possible.

When starting a new business visualizing the final product can be challenging. At d-Reaction we can help with that.