The insurance business is quite a competitive one. Only those who pay attention to details will set themselves apart from the rest. A good customer service and trust are at the forefront of what makes a respectable Insurance company.

Insurance Nation reached out to our team to create a website that portraits those company values. We started by making the navigation as accessible as possible. The insurance business has many ramifications, such as auto, home, health, etc. Each line of business has a plethora of companies that provide services. Insurance Nation as a broker company must make sure that all business partners are represented on the website.

D-Reaction wanted to create a website accordingly with brand colors and existing marketing structure. The core services needed to be upfront for clients to find as quickly as possible. The interactive banner on the landing page has a Call-to-Action button on each slide to help with lead conversion. Live client testimonials are essential to create trust among customers and establish the company’s reputation of excellence.

The Insurance Nation advantage info is presented in the home page as the key element that sets this company apart from the competition.

Landing Page

Insurance Nation Advantage

The website allows customers and prospects to access the customer service via email and phone. The company has more than 30 locations and all of them are represented on an interactive map with driving direction links to facilitate the user experience.
Interactive Locations Map
Agency Network
The new agency network program has a specific page with a frequent Q&A module a new applicant might have. This dedicated page has a video from the owner giving an overall idea of the benefits the participants have as part of the program.

The client was thrilled with the new look and feel of the website. Now the company has the best-selling tool available for years to come.