Miami is a city of many events, but nothing captured the imagination of sport fans as much as Formula 1 did. The inaugural Miami Grand Prix took place on May 8, 2022. The race was held at the Greater Miami & Miami Beach area, breaking in a new course through parking lots adjacent to the Hard Rock Stadium – but don’t be fooled, this is no easy drive through a concrete lot. Drivers must impose their will in a tough competition.

Our creative team was contacted by the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor Bureau to bring awareness to the event thru a POP activation at the Miami International Airport. We said yes, of course, not everyday you have the chance to be part of history.

The Miami Grand Prix has been represented with a striking color palette. According to the French manufacturer, the “South Beach Colorway” was inspired by “the neon lights of Ocean Drive, the art deco buildings overlooking Miami, the colorful sunsets and the city’s vibrant music scene”. Our vehicle mockup needed to represent this iconic color combination.

One of the key elements we wanted to emphasize is how large and low profile the vehicle is compared to conventional ones. The vision was to make an interactive design where travelers could create a family moment.

This project presented many challenges, size was one of them. Our creative team came up with a layered structure design to overcome that challenge.

3D Render Concept

Layered Design

The backdrop was made from cardboard, an eco-friendly material. Foam-board was used for the base of the vehicle. This combination was preferred by our design team because of the materials lightweight attribute. Graphics were applied directly to the material using an industrial flatbed printer. Each piece was cut down to precision with a CNC cutter and then put together by our crew, that later assisted with installation at the Miami International Airport.

The event organizers were excited with the level of detail and execution from our team.
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